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《在风景里NO.4》布面油彩、丙烯 200×150cm 2020.JPG

Since 2016, Xu Hongxiang’s practice has gradually shifted from......

《好风景NO.4》 200×160cm  布面油彩  2017.JPG

The Invisible Scenery

Like many other young artists, Xu Hongxiang was educated at a formal art school......

许宏翔《肉》130cm×180cm 布面油画及丙稀 2013年   The me

Rational “Barbaric Growth”

Xu Hongxiang, to me, is a stranger I am most familiar with—just when I......

《双流》 150×120cm  布面油彩  2017.JPG

Not Dark Yet

Up until now, there was not much to see from the 1984-born painter......

《走过来》 160×200cm  布面油彩  2019.jpg

Xu Hongxiang & Yu Ying 


Location: Xu Hongxiang studio

Time: 2018.1.11

IMG_4377 2.jpg

Art from My Life

The Video talked about my three art projects from 2016-2017.

《健健》 200cm×160cm  布面油彩  2016.jpg

“In the Field”: Painting, Viewing and Interaction

Recently, painting ontology has become a hot topic in the field of painting practice ......

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